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an incomplete history

Fall 2018

Moved to Lynchburg, VA!

Started at Randolph College

Spring 2018

Graduated with MFA!!

Got hired at Randolph College!!

Fall 2017

Taught Art of Theatre. Helped out in the shop. Worked on Culminating Project.

Spring 2013

Joined the Naples Philharmonic Orchestra

I Am My Own Wife at GSPH
Master Class

Summer 2013

Moved to Charlottesville, VA

Spring 2022

Take 2 Started at Randolph College

Summer 2019

Summer Research Project at RC. Season TD at Endstation Theatre Company



The year the Pandemic Began

Summer 2020

Self Quarantine

All things cancelled

Fostered cats and kittens

Fall 2020

Randolph went online

House Remodeling

Taught Scenic Design and Stagecraft Viturally

Summer 2017

Porthouse, 1st Full season female TD!

Fall 2013

Fostered kittens

Something Intangible

Moved to my own apartment in Naples, FL!

Spring 2017

General Grad school stuff....I don't really remember

Fall 2016

Purchased a new car!

Spring 2014

Moved to Richmond, VA!

Started at AMPA

Fall 2015

Holidays in Sacramento!

Thanksgiving in Austin, TX with best friend

Started Grad School

Moved to Kent, OH!

Summer/Fall 2014

Adopted a cat!!

Spring 2015

Worked for Verizon

Adopted another cat!

Summer 2015

Accepted to Grad School!

Moved to Charlottesville, VA

Hybrid Teaching

Virtual Productions

Spring 2021

Fall 2021

Take 2 Started at Randolph College

Taught Design Tech Portfolio for the first time

Fall 2012

Moved to Naples, FL

Started at Gulfshore Playhouse

Sprained neck after wall fell over....oops

Summer 2012

Moved to Stockbridge, MA

Berkshire Theatre Festival

7 show season

Spring 2012

Midland Community Theatre

Scenic Design: Little Women and The Princess and the Pea

Road trip from Dallas to Sacramento with best friend!

Fall 2011

Moved to Midland, TX

Started at Midland Community Theatre!

Squished my fingers in a cable winch....don't do it...

Summer 2011

Heritage Theatre Festival

Spring-Fall  2011-2010

Graduated from Ball State!!!

The Nutcracker

Pre 2007

High School and other stuff

Spring-Fall  2008-2007

Started at Ball State!!!

First dorm...not terrible

Summer 2008

First Summerstock!!!

Heritage Repertory Theatre

Spring-Fall  2009-2008

Summer 2009

Heritage Repertory Theatre

Pump Boys and Dinettes
On Golden Pond
Red, White, and Tuna
Little Shop of Horrors

Spring-Fall  2010-2009

SETC Presentation!

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